We’re excited to announce that content for pre-K through the fifth grade is now available in Kuder Galaxy®. The new Galaxy — which was released with content for students in grades three through five in August 2018 — is an online career awareness system for elementary students that makes learning about the world of work fun through a series of engaging games, activities, and experiences.

Galaxy provides educators with flexible administrative tools to map content (activities and games) and/or “I” statements (learning targets, “I can” statements) to additional standards or frameworks such as social-emotional learning (SEL), The Leader in Me®, and state or local counseling standards. The “I” statements also support building student portfolios.

Launch students into a universe of possibilities.

The new Kuder Galaxy® is an online career awareness system for all students in grades pre-K through five that makes learning about the world of work fun by igniting the playful spirit of young learners through a series of engaging games, activities, and experiences.

Galaxy offers access on laptops, desktops, and tablets. Designed for usability, Galaxy boasts a blend of video, text, and audio narration (in English or Spanish) for young learners.

Galaxy’s Adventures & Learning Objectives 

Below are summaries of the Galaxy’s adventures and learning objectives by grade level.

Pre-K – What is work?

Comet, Commander of the pre-K station, helps young students begin to recognize and distinguish play and work. At this level, students learn that actions needed to reach a goal are called tasks and that several tasks together make a job. Read the Read the pre-K learning objectives.

Kuder Galaxy Home Screen

Kindergarten – What do people do at work?

Gazer the Star, Commander of the Gazer Base Camp, helps students discover the great diversity of work tasks that exist. These can include communicating, interacting, and administering, gathering and evaluating information, data processing, physical activities, and more. Read the Kindergarten learning objectives.

Kindergarten Galaxy game

Grade 1 – Why do people work
Obe the Observer, Commander of the Observer Base Camp, helps students gain an understanding of the reasons why people work. At the previous levels, students have already been learning about what work is, and what people do at work. Now, they start to think about reasons people work, beyond supplying basic needs. Read the first grade learning objectives.

Kuder Galaxy first grade video

Grade 2 – What tools and skills do people use at work?

Builder, Commander of the Builder Base Camp, takes students on an adventure that helps them learn all about the different kinds of tools used in various work environments and the many ways people use tools to help them do their jobs. They also learn about skills that help people succeed at work. Read the second grade learning objectives.

Kuder Galaxy second grade screenshot

Grade 3 – Where do people work?

Voyager, Commander of the Voyager Base Camp, opens students’ eyes to the types of places in which people do their jobs, and the types of working conditions that exist in the world of work. Students discover that different groups of occupations appeal to people with different interests and work preferences. Read the third grade learning objectives.

Kuder Galaxy third grade game

Grade 4 – What kinds of training and education prepare people for work?

High school might seem like the distant future to a typical fourth-grade student, but Pioneer, Commander of the Pioneer Base Camp, wants students to look even beyond that. Pioneer also introduces students to the various types of training and education that prepare people for work. Read the fourth grade learning objectives.

Kuder Galaxy fourth grade video

Grade 5 – How can I learn more about occupations that interest me?

Communicator, Commander of the Communicator Base Camp, introduces students to six ways that people can learn about occupations that interest them: job shadowing, internships, informational interviews, volunteering and service learning, taking leadership roles, and library and online research. Read the fifth grade learning objectives.

Kuder Galaxy grade 5 screenshot

For more information about Galaxy, and to find out about potential funding sources for the system, contact info@kuder.webspecwmh.dev.