ECMC Group, along with VICE Media, conducted five national “Question the Quo Education Pulse” surveys among 5,000+ high school students between 2020-2022. The surveys are part of ECMC Group’s Question the Quo campaign, which works to empower students to explore higher education options and find a fulfilling career path that fits their personal interests and goals.

The study confirmed that high schoolers (ages 14-18) are highly aware of current, in-demand occupations and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the job market. This historical event has led students to evaluate their postsecondary options and make career decisions based on today’s job market.

A Promising Outlook on CTE

Eliminating Cost Concerns

The results indicate that teens have a pulse on current jobs and economic outlook, which is pushing them to make real-world choices that benefit them immediately rather than far off into the future.

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