One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job as a Kuder field trainer is introducing Kuder Navigator®  to secondary classroom teachers. Once they have fully implemented the system, they often share fun career-themed student activities with me. Below are four of my favorites.

Career Cluster T-Shirts

In 2011, the Nebraska State Department Education helped schools celebrate students’ Kuder Career Interests Assessment® (KCIA) results by creating T-shirts printed with the colors of the Nebraska Career Clusters.

The T-shirts simply featured a spot of the career cluster color printed on the front with a stylized fingerprint and the message “I am a — ” The T-shirts proved to be popular and helped students identify with their KCIA results. Teachers also wore T-shirts representing their own unique career interests!

Everyone is Important

This idea was generated by a group of middle school teachers during a Navigator training.

Students are asked to consider what is necessary to live comfortably in their community. They are then asked to present how their favorite occupations contribute to the quality of life where they live.

Middle school students love to fantasize about the jobs they see featured in popular television dramas, sports, or even in video games. For this reason, they may not be enthusiastic about considering other occupational options and setting realistic life-career goals. This activity helps them understand the importance of a variety of careers which they may never have heard of before exploring occupations related to their KCIA results.

Many Occupations in Just One Industry

This activity was described to me by teachers who live in a town with a large manufacturing plant.

The plant’s human resources officer was invited to the school to talk to students about the different types of occupations necessary to keep the plant running. Before the human resources officer came to speak, she was provided with the students’ KCIA results and a description of each of the 16 National career clusters.

Of course, students expected to hear about manufacturing occupations. However, they were happily surprised to learn that there are occupations necessary for their town’s most important industry from each of their top career clusters of interests!

Future Occupation Bio-Poem

Bio-poems are always quick, fun writing activities for students. I used this bio-poem activity when I was invited to visit a ninth grade classroom in Kansas. It helps each student imagine their future in a favorite occupation based upon information they find in Navigator.

Here is the format for the occupational bio-poem:

Here is an example from a ninth-grade student:

          A physical therapist
          Who can alleviate pain
          Who earns $23 an hour
          Who knows strength, motor development and function
          Who values a good workplace